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I'm wondering why I keep getting this error. I just added Twitter+Oauth folder from Ben Gottlieb code : and when I tried to build it giving me that error.


- (void) setPin: (NSString *) pin {
    [_pin autorelease];
    _pin = [pin retain]; = pin; = pin;

FYI, I've already added the xml library and set the Header Search Path. I also have check that 'pin' declared in OAToken class where _accessToken is the pointer of that class.

Can anyone explain to me what I've done wrong here..

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How did you get this problem solved? I too am struck with these errors. – Raj Jan 29 '12 at 7:32

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Remove the callback URL - or modify the webDidFinishLoad method in SA_OAuthTwitterController.m.

Refer to this post:

How to post tweet from iPhone without PIN using SA_OAuthTwitterEngine?


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