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I want to move my Sprite in AndEngine in a projectile motion.

Can any one help me in this matter with a piece of code? Unfortunately I didn't see an example about projections in AndEngine.

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What you're looking for is the UpdateModifier, I suspect.

How do you want your Sprite to move? Do you want it to find a path to the destination or are you just trying to keep something on the screen? Are you using a Camera? All of that will determine how exactly you should approach getting your Sprite to move.

This is a link for the tut about UpdateModifiers:

Update Handlers - Using their Power!

Is that what you were looking for?

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yeah i know about update manager...all I was looking for is a code for projection in andEngine. I was looking for built in functionality but I didnt find any. So I build a custom function which takes velocity and angle and move the sprite at that angle with that velocity. – Jawad Amjad Feb 13 '12 at 5:44
link is broken. – Uday Jun 19 '14 at 7:07

for a projectile move , you can use the physicshandler and then you can manipulate the acceleration and velocity to make it move like projectile...

projectile=new Sprite(X,Y, ProjectileTextureRegion);
physprojectile = new PhysicsHandler(projectile);
pyhsprojectile.setAcceleration(Accelration)  //negative acceleration
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Basically you can use registerEntityMofidier on a sprite (or on any Entity): Andengine EntityModifierExample


sprite.registerEntityModifier(new MoveModifier(TIME_IN_SECOND, fromX, toX, fromY, toY));
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stakesprite.registerEntityModifier(new RotationModifier(0.1f, 0.0f,(float) ((360.0f/Math.PI)*Math.atan(velY/velX))));
            stake=PhysicsFactory.createCircleBody(this.mPhysicsWorld, stakesprite, BodyType.DynamicBody, FIXTURE_DEF);
            //stake = PhysicsFactory.createBoxBody(this.mPhysicsWorld, stakesprite, BodyType.DynamicBody, FIXTURE_DEF);
            stake.setLinearVelocity(new Vector2(velX, velY));
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