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I have the following config and code in spring batch. I receive the exception.

<step id="PROCESS_FILE_TO_STAGING_TABLE_PARALLEL" next="limitDecision" >
<partition handler="partitionHandler" step="filestep" partitioner="filepartitioner" />

<bean id="partitionHandler"
class="sa.com.mobily.loader.partition.gridgain.GridGainPartitionHandler" />

<bean id="filepartitioner" class="org.springframework.batch.core.partition.support.MultiResourcePartitioner" scope="step" >
<property name="resources" value="#{dataMapprocessFiles}"/>

code PartitionProvider

public class PartitionProvider {

private final StepExecutionSplitter stepSplitter;
private final StepExecution stepExecution;

public PartitionProvider(StepExecutionSplitter stepSplitter, StepExecution stepExecution) {
this.stepSplitter = stepSplitter;
this.stepExecution = stepExecution;

public String getStepName() {
return stepSplitter.getStepName();

public Set<StepExecution> getStepExecutions(int gridSize) throws JobExecutionException {
return stepSplitter.split(stepExecution, gridSize);


public class GridGainPartitionTask extends GridTaskSplitAdapter<PartitionProvider, Collection<StepExecution>> {

private GridLogger log = null;

protected Collection<? extends GridJob> split(int gridSize, PartitionProvider stepSplit) throws GridException {

log.info("Executing steps for grid size=" + gridSize);

List<GridJob> jobs = new ArrayList<GridJob>(gridSize);

final String stepName = stepSplit.getStepName();

try {
for (final StepExecution stepExecution : stepSplit.getStepExecutions(gridSize)) {
jobs.add(new GridJobAdapterEx() {
public Serializable execute() {
RemoteStepExecutor stepExecutor = new RemoteStepExecutor("classpath:sa/com/mobily/loader/job/DataLoaderJob.xml", stepName, stepExecution);
log.info("Executing step '" + stepName + "' on this node.");
return stepExecutor.execute();
catch (JobExecutionException e) {
throw new GridException("Could not execute split step", e);

return jobs;

public Collection<StepExecution> reduce(List<GridJobResult> results) throws GridException {
Collection<StepExecution> total = new ArrayList<StepExecution>();
for (GridJobResult res : results) {
StepExecution status = res.getData();
return total;



public class GridGainPartitionHandler extends TaskExecutorPartitionHandler {

private Grid grid;

public Collection<StepExecution> handle(StepExecutionSplitter stepSplitter, StepExecution stepExecution) throws Exception {
PartitionProvider partitionProvider = new PartitionProvider(stepSplitter, stepExecution);
GridTaskFuture<Collection<StepExecution>> future = grid.execute(GridGainPartitionTask.class, partitionProvider );
return future.get();



public class RemoteStepExecutor implements Serializable {

private Log logger = LogFactory.getLog(getClass());

private final StepExecution stepExecution;

private final String stepName;

private final String configLocation;

public RemoteStepExecutor(String configLocation, String stepName, StepExecution stepExecution) {
this.configLocation = configLocation;
this.stepName = stepName;
this.stepExecution = stepExecution;

public StepExecution execute() {

Step step = (Step) new ClassPathXmlApplicationContext(configLocation).getBean(stepName, Step.class);

logger.info("Spring Version: " + SpringVersion.getVersion());

try {
catch (JobInterruptedException e) {
throw new UnexpectedJobExecutionException("TODO: this should result in a stop", e);

return stepExecution;


public String getStepName() {
return stepName;



2011-11-21 09:56:40,087 458939 ERROR org.springframework.batch.core.step.AbstractStep.execute(AbstractStep.java:212) Encountered an error executing the step
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It looks like you're trying to use your partitionHandler outside step context, namely:

  • You create a new thread (ThreadPoolExecutor / Java concurrent).
  • In new thread you call org.gridgain.grid.util.worker.GridWorker#run()
  • GridWorker calls your GridGainPartitionTask
  • GridGainPartitionTask tries to use partitionHandler from the Spring context.

This does not work. partitionHandler can only be instantiated inside Spring Batch "step" context. The correct sequence should be:

  • You run a Spring Batch Job (via job launcher).
  • Spring Batch get a job instance from the context, already initialized with step(s).
  • A step will lazily instantiate a partitioner (Spring context takes care of that). Note that this instantiation is only valid from a step, e.g. step instance should be before in the calling stack.
  • Then the step do the partitioning and transfer the job partition to the grid via corresponding PartitionHandler implementation.
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i did not understand this line "A step will lazily instantiate a partitioner (Spring context takes care of that). Note that this instantiation is only valid from a step, e.g. step instance should be before in the calling stack" – Dead Programmer Nov 23 '11 at 11:15
That means you cannot @Autowire your partitionHandler and you can't directly get it from Spring context via context.getBean("partitionHandler"). It can be wired only to Step instance, because it's instantiation is liked with step context. Think about this differently: what should be the value of #{dataMapprocessFiles} in partitionHandler if it is instantiated somewhere else? Mind that you may have many steps (and many jobs), each with its own setting and with it's own context state in runtime (e.g. when they are run in parallel). – dma_k Nov 24 '11 at 11:47
dma_k:Thanks , #{dataMap[processFiles]} contains a Resource array with 10 file reference. – Dead Programmer Nov 24 '11 at 14:21
If your #{dataMap[processFiles]} is constant (i.e. it refers the property that you've defined somewhere else in you Spring context), then remove scope="step" from your partitionHandler bean declaration and be happy! – dma_k Nov 24 '11 at 16:26

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