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I made a beforeSave method in my model (extends GXActiveRecord), the if isNewRecord never gets triggered. My beforeSave() gets called, though.

When I print the $this->isNewRecord variable, it's false. When is this variable set to false anyway? I'm very sure it's new

public function beforeSave(){

                    print "something";
            return  true;
            }  else { return false;

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CActiveRecord->isNewRecord is false if you've never saved it before.


$model = new Product;
$model->name = uniqid("bar");
echo "isNewRecord?".$model->isNewRecord; // 1 (true)
echo "isNewRecord?".$model->isNewRecord; // (false)

$model = Product::model();
$model->name = uniqid("foo");
echo "isNewRecord?".$model->isNewRecord; // (false)
echo "isNewRecord?".$model->isNewRecord; // (false)
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In link the example (second from last) points out that if isNewRecord then the created time stamp is updated, while if false then modified. From this I assumed that isNewRecord = true means it's new. Can you clarify ? – Yun Nov 21 '11 at 23:14
Sorry, I mixed up the return values, fixed that. It works as you described. – schmunk Nov 22 '11 at 1:39
Yes, but mine always says false before saving... I don't know why?! – Yun Nov 22 '11 at 3:22
Do you use model()? See updated example. – schmunk Nov 23 '11 at 18:11

Well, this may be too late to answer, but I just wanted to get this out, cause this has caused enough confusion already (for me at least)...

If you call parent::beforeSave() in your model's beforeSave(), and test for isNewRecord after this, it will always evaluate to false, because model is saved.

You have your model built on top of a framework class, so when you override a method, do your task first then call on the parent method. So:

protected function beforeSave() {

if ($this->isNewRecord)
    //do something
    //do something else
/* some more code*/
return true;

You can also call parent beforeSave() like this:

return parent::beforeSave();


return true && parent::beforeSave();

Hope this helps other who find this question through google.

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At least in my case


prints true in every line.

And sorry I don't know how to reply to the answer above.

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