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I've been using a drupal 4.7 installation for many years, and have had a recent problem crop up. That is, the rewritten URLs are now displaying these characters: ?q= in every drupal generated URL as follows: , where before it would be: .

My best guess as to why this might be happening, is that I recently began using some PHP code to add context-specific link styling within a few sideblocks. Here's the code:

<?php   $alias= $_GET['q']; ?>

<a <?php $pos=strpos($alias,"1234"); // node number
if(!$pos == false) {
echo 'style="color:black"'; 
} ?> href="internal/link/alias">Internal Link</a>

Or more recently:

<?php $path = isset($_GET['q']) ? $_GET['q'] : '<front>';
$alias = url($path, array('absolute' => TRUE)); ?> 

<a <?php $pos=strpos($alias,"internal/link/alias"); 
if(!$pos == false) {
echo 'style="color:black"';
} ?> href="internal/link/alias">Internal Link</a>

Could this be the problem? If so, any ideas about fixes?

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If you comment that code out, does it stop doing it? That would be the best way to verify that it's causing it. –  Chad Birch May 4 '09 at 16:43
also, make sure you didn't munge your .htaccess. Your code doesn't look like it ought to add ?= to me. –  easel May 4 '09 at 16:53
Thanks for the ideas, will try if nothing else comes up... –  Michael D May 4 '09 at 17:34

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I don't think your snippet is causing it. It only reads from the database; it does not make changes to URLs. Is mod_rewrite still enabled? This may be caused by a recent change to the server config. Check the output of phpinfo().

By the way, the option $absolute for url() is passed as a separate argument in Drupal 4.7, not in the $options array. Your call should be:

url($path, $absolute=TRUE);
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Thank you Ayman! Helpful info. Will check as best I can. Unfortunately, my server access is quite limited, so my workarounds must be innovative... long story. –  Michael D May 4 '09 at 17:36

I'm thinking that your clean urls are just broken. When you don't have clean URLs turned on, all your URLs will look like The rewrite rules translate requests from into to be processed internally.

You need to go back and make sure that your rewrite rules still work (can you even go to ?) and that Drupal has clean URLs turned on.

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Yes, the rewrite rules still seem to be working, as still works. It's only the drupal generated URLs that add the extra characters ?q= –  Michael D May 4 '09 at 17:38

Go into admin/settings and make sure Clean URLs is turned on.

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Try the following:

  1. Upload an unmodified .htaccess file to the root of the site again

  2. Make sure your apache has mod_rewrite available. If you have shell access and it's an Ubuntu/Debian machine, just do

    a2enmod rewrite

  3. Check if the option is enabled on admin/settings

  4. Create a simple .php file on the root folder and type:


Then just see if the module is working.

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