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Number of rows in SQL Table (Indexed till now using Solr): 1 million
Total Size of Data in the table: 4GB
Total Index Size: 3.5 GB

Total Number of Rows that I have to index: 20 Million (approximately 100 GB Data) and growing

What is the best practices with respect to distributing the index? What I mean to say here is when should I distribute and what is the magic number that I can have for index size per instance?

For 1 million itself Solr instance running on a VM is taking roughly 2.5 hrs to index for me. So for 20 million roughly it would take 60 -70 hrs. That would be too much.

What would be the best distributed architecture for my case? It will be great if people may share their best practices and experience.

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Your indexing rate looks very high. Can you give more details on your indexing process? I would first profile it in order to understand why it takes so long. See for some advice and for an example indexing throughput. – jpountz Nov 21 '11 at 14:57
Are you sure that Lucene is the bottleneck for indexing, and not the SQL queries used to retrive the data? – Codo Nov 22 '11 at 11:48

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