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I have customized pages in magento, it was working fine until I installed Extension MagiczoomPlus. Now When I create a Configurable Product as shown in this link. I am unable to find my Configuration options on product detail page. even the add to cart button is not visible. I tried to look with developers View but Conldn't find configration.phtml loaded on product page. Please help How to resolve this. Thanks in advance

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Have a look at /app/design/frontend/base/default/template/magiczoomplus/media.phtml

or in the folder that it is in you will find other bits of code that magiczoom adds. I don't know what you have altered but if you have been altering the products page it may be worth checking out. Also if you have been adding any other javascripts, I would check that you have got jquery no conflict setup in the right place.

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