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I have a problem on how to get an instance URL within a cluster with weblogic.

Description: We have 2 domains: X and Y. In each domain I have 2 clusters: c01 and c02 In each cluster I have instances: s01,s02,s03,s04 In each instances I have our system which contains of several components, let’s call the components A,B,C and D. I want to make a REST call from A to D which are still in the same instance. How will we get the URL and port to this REST service programmatically?

The problem is that I am just getting the cluster URL when calling InetAddress or alike. I have also played around with MBean, but we are not sure it’s correct way to go since I wont have any user/pass to fill in for Enviroment object when creating the context.

We don’t want this as a build property since we don’t want to do builds for each different instance.

Env: SpringIntegration Weblogic 10.3.3 Jersey Maven


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Got it from an RuntimeServiceMBean:

service = new ObjectName(

        InitialContext ctx = new InitialContext();
        MBeanServer mBeanServer = (MBeanServer) ctx.lookup("java:comp/env/jmx/runtime");

        ObjectName rt = (ObjectName) mBeanServer.getAttribute(service, "ServerRuntime");
        listenAddress = (String) mBeanServer.getAttribute(rt, "ListenAddress");
        server = listenAddress.substring(0, listenAddress.indexOf("/"));
        port = (Integer)mBeanServer.getAttribute(rt, "ListenPort");         
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Thanks, this is helpful. I have a question though: Does it work wth WLS 12c? – clapsus Aug 25 '15 at 13:02

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