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I have a goal that can be reached from two pages on my website, for example, /page1 and /page2. I've made a regular expression for the first 'Required step' of the visualization funnel:


If i apply it as a filter in the Top Content report - it works fine. But there's nothing registered in the conversion funnel. I actually couldn't find any information about funnel steps - is it even possible to use regexp there just like it's done in the Goal page URL?

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For now i'm generating the same virtual pageview on both of that pages and use it as a first step, it works for me, but it looks not very good. – Nikolay Nov 21 '11 at 8:26

I've just been bitten by this. The URLs in the funnel steps are the same as the Goal Destination URL: states

There are three diferent match types that define how Google Analytics identifies a URL for either a goal or a funnel. The match type that you select for your goal URL also applies to the URLs in the funnel, if you create one.

So you can only have regex matches in your funnel steps, if you've chosen Regular Express in the Destination dropdown.

I had the same problem as you. I'd chosen "Equal to" in the dropdown for the destination URL but was using "Begins with" style matches in my funnel steps and therefore getting 0 entries showing in my funnel visualisation.

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Try removing the first character: ^.

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The following article states that the goal steps should be defined as regex as well.

"Each step should be defined as a regular expression as well."

(almost at the very bottom of the page)

Hope it helps

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