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I want keep my js in this style. I want write a map in vim to do it faster.


var a = x;
var b = y;
var c = z;


var a = x
  , b = y
  , c = z
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Use the following command.

%s/;\nvar /\r , /gc

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+1. The trick is to use \r in the replacement. Bites me (close to) every time. –  Boldewyn Nov 21 '11 at 8:49

My solution in a case like this would be

  1. position cursor on first var (e.g. {)
  2. 1f;C-vjr,wC-vjexkJJ

For info, the Align script has the inverse operation:

var a = x, b = y, c = z;
  1. VLeadera,, result:


var a = x;
var b = y;
var c = z;
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