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I have a as3 project, a magazine like project. I have like 10 pages, and some of those pages, has a FLVPlayback component to stream flv videoes. I have one problem, and it goes like this:

When i enter a frame, with a FLVPlayback component and start playing the video, everything works fine. But when i then switch to another page, the video file keeps playing in the background.

Is this a common problem ?

Thanks in advance!

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Yes, FLVPlayback component keeps playing until you call stop(). It's not enough to remove it from the display list.

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At the moment, im asking on behalf of the action script man, Ill forward the answer to him, and come back if it solve his problem :) – mnstrflkrn Nov 21 '11 at 9:15
You have to actively call stop() on the FLVPlayback component. For example you can do that in an Event.REMOVED_FROM_STAGE listener. If you just remove it from the displaylist, it will continue playling, like @DanielB said. It will stop eventually, when the GC collects it, but you never can tell when this will happen. – Malyngo Dec 6 '11 at 16:25

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