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How to provide a link a HDFS file, so that clicking on that url it will downlaod the HDFS file..

Please provide me the inputs..

Thanks MRK

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Check the HDFS Proxy Guide.

There is also Hoop which is being contributed to Hadoop by Cloudera. Currently it's targeted for the 0.24 release. But, it can be build, installed and configured manually using the instructions at the Hoop Site.

While HDFS Proxy supports only W, HOOP supports R/W to HDFS. Plan is to replace HDFS Proxy with Hoop.

While the above options are proxy based, another option is to to directly access the NameNode without a proxy. Browse the file system (http://namenode:50070/nn_browsedfscontent.jsp) and go to the file for which the URL has to be shared.

Edit: Also check WebHDFS.

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Note, "Hoop" has now been renamed to HttpFS - – rICh Jan 22 '13 at 23:44
namenode:50070/nn_browsedfscontent.jsp was the easy answer for what I needed. – Thomas Harris Apr 3 '14 at 14:07

If you have hue installed in your cluster you could try


or they also have standard chrome extension at this link that will basically covert the hdfs link for you

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There is the Hue File Browser: upload/download files, list directories, change permissions, view directly different types of file... from any client with a Web Browser

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