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I would like to include the content of a file inside an JSP page. Usually, I would use something like:

<jsp:include page="<%= path_to_file %>" />

However, this will not work here since the file I am trying to include is outside the web deployment.

The ugliest solution I've seen is something like this:

<% BufferedReader  br =  new BufferedReader(new FileReader(new File(path_to_file)));
   String line = br.readLine();
   while (line != null) { %>
     <% out.println(line); %>
     <% line = br.readLine(); } %>
<% } catch (IOException e) { %>
  <%= e %>
<% } %>

But I really don't want to do this.


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You could include a symbolic path in your distribution to point to your external path.

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To avoid the ugly scriptlet code, you could write a small tag (in Java, extending SimpleTagSupport) just for including arbitrary files from your external path.

Then you could write

<my:include page="<%= path_to_file %>" />
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