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I am writing a js script to validate a form field and I need to check it contains only numbers and possibly whitespace.

What is the regular expression for that?

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You can try something like

var isSpacedNumber = (/^\s*\d+\s*$/i).test(<string value>);

The regular expression consists of the parts

  • "^" saying that match should start from beginning of input
  • \s* meaning zero or more (*) whitespaces (\s)
  • \d+ meaning one or more (+) digits (\d)
  • \s* meaning zero or more (*) whitespaces (\s)
  • $ meaning match end of string

Without ^ and $ the regular expression would capture any number in a string, and thus "number is 123" would give positive indication.

More information about javascript regular expression can be found here

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var str = "Watch out for the rock!".match(/^[\d\s]+$/g)
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Try this regular expression:

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The \d character matches any digit which is the same as using [0-9], the \s character matches any whitespace.

To check if a string is a number (assuming there are no dots or comma's):

var regex = /^[\d]+$/;

However, an easier method for you would be to use the isNaN() function. If the function returns true, the number is illegal (NaN). If it returns false, it's a correct number.

if( !isNaN( value ) ) {
     // The value is a correct number
} else {
     // The value is not a correct number
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