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I have a requirement to found the fraud customer's , the customer name which are all matching 80% with the fraudulent customer's name. So any one give idea for pattern check. I think this explanation is sufficient to understand.

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You can use Levenshtein for this see Levenshtein distance in T-SQL

The example is in T-sql but you can use it to see the pattern

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There are set of standard algorithmns which will help you to acheive the requirement like ..

  1. Levenstein
  2. JaroWinkler
  3. NeedlemanWunch
  4. SmithWaterman
  5. ChapmanLengthDeviation..
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Thanks friends ... really these concepts are new to my life... thanks fr a valuable suggetion.. i will try this now.. –  Nagarajan Nov 21 '11 at 10:14

I just created a SQLCLR library for running Levenshtein on Sql Server here. Feel free to contribute. :)

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