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I create VCards (.vcf-files) in some apps of mine. Now a customer needs to add a private mobile and a business mobile number to a vcard.

I have tried to add two times the same attribute to the vcard (TEL;CELL;VOICE) but this seems not to be supported (at least outlook only takes the first instance).

Is there a up-to-date description of all fields I can add into vcards and is there a description on what is allowed and what are donts.

If I search the web, I find a lot of information, but the most of it is very old and it seems that the different clients only support a subset of attributes.

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vCard references: – Aziz Nov 21 '11 at 10:01
and specifications: – Aziz Nov 21 '11 at 10:01
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Check the version of vCard that Outlook supports vs. the version to which you are coding.

I think that Outlook supports only vCard ver 2.x and perhaps that version does not support what you are trying to do.

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Maybe the cardme project hosted by sourceforge will do your happiness. Many others projects are existing, but these one was the best to my point of view. It was created by

Good luck!

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