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When I use Mercurial and try to do a

hg update --repository C:\Projekt\Learnify\Systems\myapp -rev 271 --check

without network connection I get

"URLError getaddrinfo failed". 

Shouldn't I be able to to this since the actual repository is on my computer?

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It should be either --rev 271 or -r 271. –  Laurens Holst Nov 23 '11 at 9:41

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another guess is that you have a subrepository reference in your repository that has an absolute path to a remote location and you are updating to a changeset in your parent repository that references a changeset in the subrepository that you don't have locally, so it is trying to do a pull on that remote repository that is referenced as a subrepository. so what is preventing your update is not a need to connect to a remote repository for your repository itself, but for the subrepository that is referenced absolutely.

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BINGO!, I was sure that I had properly set it up but when checking the .hgsub it pointed to a remote server. Thank you! –  Jonatan B Nov 28 '11 at 6:11


hg update --repository file://C:\Projekt\Learnify\Systems\myapp -rev 271 --check

to tell Hg it is not a network protocol URI

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My guess is that you are using a shared repository (one that cloned with 'hg share' instead of 'hg clone' command). That means the history had been never cloned. You can check for a file '.hg/sharedpath'. If this file exists then actual repo is located elsewhere.

I'd suggest when you'll back online, make another clone of your repository.

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nice psychic debugging +1 –  sehe Nov 23 '11 at 9:53

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