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How can I retrieve the project name, src folder name and object package from a selected item in package explorer?

For example:

 |-- srcFolder

I know how to get the selection from the package explorer like this:

final IWorkbenchWindow window = 
(IStructuredSelection) window.getSelectionService().getSelection("org.eclipse.jdt.ui.PackageExplorer");

but how can I retrieve the information that I need ?

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After some testing, I found what I need:

     * The method returns the current Path information as List<String>.
     * <ol>
     * <li>0 - Project name</li>
     * <li>1 - SRC Folder name</li>
     * <li>2 - Package name</li>
     * </ol>
     * @return List<Object>
    public static List<Object> getSelectedObjectPath() {
        // the current selection in the entire page
        final IWorkbenchWindow window = PlatformUI.getWorkbench().getActiveWorkbenchWindow();
        final IStructuredSelection selection = (IStructuredSelection) window.getSelectionService().getSelection("org.eclipse.jdt.ui.PackageExplorer");
        final Object o = selection.getFirstElement();
        final List<Object> a = new ArrayList<Object>(4);
        IJavaElement obj = (IJavaElement) o;
        if (o == null) {
            return null;
        while (obj != null) {
            a.add(0, obj);
            obj = obj.getParent();
        // remove JavaModel
        return a;
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