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I have a big problem, My macintosh HD was dead. So I formated all my datas. Great ! :(

I downloaded and installed xcode with the Mac AppStore but I have several errors. Apparently, the all devtools aren't installed.

Doxygen is not installed, GCC4.2 is not installed, ...

Is there a devtools package ?


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Doxygen I've never heard of, so I don't think it's included with Apple's standard dev tools package. You can probably find an installable download by Googling.

GCC is a different thing. It no longer ships with XCode development tools. Apple would prefer you move to LLVM or whatever their latest compiler is. If you really want GCC 4.2, there may be some ways to get it. Oh, I just found a duplicate question about GCC ( Use gcc 4.2 in Xcode 4.2 and iOS SDK 5.0 ).

Oh, and to be prepared for (the hopefully not likely) next time your machine dies, I'd definitely recommend setting up a second detachable hard drive and Time Machine.

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