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I'm doing a Jquery Mobile site with two panels which I want to CSS-pop instead of using plain show()/hide().

I started with this:


 if ( $popPanel.attr('status') == 'hidden' ) {
          .addClass('ui-panel-active pop in')


 $(this).attr('status', 'hidden')   
   .addClass('reverse out') 
   .removeClass('ui-panel-active reverse out pop')

which did not work, because I believe I'm removing the transition classes before the actual transition takes place. But even when I change it to:

 if ( $popPanel.attr('status') == 'hidden' ) {
          .addClass('ui-panel-active pop in')
          window.setTimeout( function() {
             console.log("fired"+$popPanel.jqmData('id') );
             }, 350);

I can only get the transition to show on the first popup. The other popup just shows up (with 350 delay), although it is correctly identified in the console.


  • Can I use CSS3 transitions on more than one element on page? Any hints what I'm doing wrong
  • The pop out transition does not show at all, even with setTimeout. What am I doing wrong here?
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I think you are making it too complicated. Here is a simple example of what I think are trying to do. Essentially, you can do away with all those transition classes. You really only need an "on" class ("active", in my example). CSS will take care of the rest.

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now that was easy. Thanks! – frequent Nov 22 '11 at 15:22

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