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I need my programm to run on Mac OS 10.5 - 10.7, however some system functions has been deprecated since 10.5. My problem is that CGDisplayBitsPerPixel does not exist since 10.6 and the new function which is CGDisplayModeCopyPixelEncoding does not work under 10.5.

How can I make my programm available for all those versions of mac os?

I could use some #ifdef _xxx_ to solve this, but this would mean I need two different builds of my app and I need one.

Here is how I set VideoMode:

  1. Getting displayID
  2. Getting All available modes and push 'em to VideoModeList
  3. Getting screen width, height and bpp

Code sample:

VideoModeList->setDesktop(rect(screen_w, screen_h), screen_bpp);
VideoModeList->setEffectiveDesktop(rect(screen_w, screen_h), screen_bpp);

UPD (Since new users can't post answers to their own questions for 8 hours): I think I've finaly found the way to do that. I've avoided CGDisplayBitsPerPixelinstead. Here is a code smaple:

// That's how you know what OS you are dealing with in runtime instead of compiletime
bool macOSX_10_6_orHigher = (CGDisplayCopyAllDisplayModes != NULL);

if (macOSX_10_6_orHigher)
  // This function uses CGDisplayModeCopyPixelEncoding and CGDisplayCopyDisplayMode
  // to determine BPP.
  screenBPP = getDisplayBitsPerPixel(displayID);
  // This function in deprecated, bit it is still there, so you will get a warning
  // instead of error
  CFDictionaryRef = currentDisplayMode = CGDisplayCurrentMode(mode);
  CFNumberGetValue((CFNumberRef)CFDictionaryGetValue(currentDisplayMode, kCGDisplayBitsPerPixel), kCFNumberIntType, &screenBPP);

P.S. If you would like to suggest another solution, I'm still following the topic and we can get a discussion. P.P.S. Thanks for your interest to this question and thanks to admin who corrected my 1-st post.

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I attempted something similar using c++ on MacOS 10.7 using gcc 4.5

if (CGDisplayCopyAllDisplayModes != NULL)
  screenBPP = DisplayBitsPerPixel (displayID); // MacOS > 10.5
  screenBPP = CGDisplayBitsPerPixel (displayID);

And encountered the error below.

error: 'CGDisplayBitsPerPixel' was not declared in this scope

Unless Objective-C handles this differently, I don't think your solution will work. To run on 10.5+ you can link directly to the SDK for 10.5 (32 bit only?). The options below are recommended on the wxwidgets wiki.

-isysroot /Developer/SDKs/MacOSX10.5.sdk -mmacosx-version-min=10.5

The 10.5 SDK is not part of Xcode 4. Instructions for installing the SDK for MacOS 10.5 on Lion are available here.

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According https://developer.apple.com/library/mac/#documentation/developertools/conceptual/cross_development/Using/using.html you can use __MAC_OS_X_VERSION_MAX_ALLOWED like this:

  screenBPP = DisplayBitsPerPixel (displayID);
# else
  screenBPP = CGDisplayBitsPerPixel (displayID);
# endif
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