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Basically none of my project variables, methods, classes etc are being brought up in intellisense,

I've visited Window -> Preferences -> Java/Editor/Content Assist to ensure everything is checked correctly. Also tried cleaning the project.

From memory, this occured when creating Unit test classes using JUNIT, I've tried removing the JUNIT library, removing tests and so on, no luck so far.

I've also created a new project, and project intellisense works fine, however even if I paste a single class into the new project (from the old one), intellisense once again doesn't recognise anything.

Any advice appreciated.


It seems that one package within my project is cannot be recognised or doesnt exist according to any other packages. Also intellisense as described above is completely broken. I'll keep at it.


Okay well I've noticed something, here's an example below.





Anything named com.car.x is not recognised at all, any other package name that doesn't follow this convention is.

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Compare the .project and .classpath files of your 2 java projects (the one that doesn't work and the new example). Any major differences that you can add to your question? –  Paul Webster Nov 21 '11 at 16:30
Nope they are the same, I'm slowly getting to the route of the problem I feel, so hopefully I'll figure it :). Thanks. –  Ash Nov 22 '11 at 7:39

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