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class ItemController < ApplicationController

  def create
    item = current_user.items.build(params[:presentstem])
    item.created_at = Time.now
    redirect_to root_path

  def destroy



And my form in views/home/index/html.erb to add an item

<div id="add_item">
    <p>Add a new item</p>
    <% form_for Item.new do |f| %>
        <div id="add_item_container">
        <%= f.text_field :present %>
        <%= f.text_field :stem %>
        <%= f.text_field :secondary %>
        <%= f.check_box :atype %>
        <%= f.text_field :comment %>
        <%= f.submit "Add to List" %>
    <% end %>

How do I define Item?

at localhost:3000 i get

Expected /Users/user/Desktop/test/app/models/item.rb to define Item
Extracted source (around line #3):
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You should have Item class definition in this file /Users/user/Desktop/test/app/models/item.rb, probably you don't...

class Item < ActiveRecord::Base
  #class definition goes here
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You are thinking wrong.

You have an model in app/models/item.rb

for this you have an controller in app/controllers/items_controller.rb

and you have views in app/views/items/template.haml

if you want to do a form_for you do the form for a object. rails is looking what type of action you want to participate (new, update) and generates automatically the route (restful).

so you just gave an object to the form_for helper

#in view
=form_for Item.new do |f|


#in items_controller.rb
def new
  @item = Item.new

#in new.haml
=form_for @item
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