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I know that there are similar questions

But again it seems that Subsonic doesn't have any update since the 13th of March 2011. That is more than 8 months of 0 activity! And we are talking about a product where since version 3 it seems not to be completely stable (as I can see from the issues that are reported in forums and stackoverflow). Many had to recurr to making their own fork of the code.

What is the current situation of this project? Do you consider the Linq support stable and bug free? I used to really like Subsonic so I hope it won't die off completely.

If one wants to help what is the process to get the changes accepted?

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I cannot see Subsonic being developed any further, especially as the Rob Conery is now mainly developing in the Ruby and he released Massive for .net 4.0 - github.com/robconery/massive. We still use Subsonic and have found it to be stable. We have ran into a few issues (normally Linq), but one of the great advantages is that you can execute inline sql statements when you need to (using parameters I hasten to add). On your finally question I assume you would branch from GitHub and post any fixes. Thanks Podge –  Podge Nov 21 '11 at 16:05

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FWIW I have found SubSonic 3.0 pretty good, especially the T4 code generation and LINQ support. I'm not such a fan of the heavily genericised API (I could wish Rob had integrated the dynamic approach of Massive into SubSonic) but it gets the job done. I haven't used migrations yet.

In my view it deserves more interest, but it seems to have lost out to NHibernate recently, which IMHO is a bit of a monster to use for smaller projects. If you don't mind a bit of spelunking and adding a touch of your own code from time to time, there's a lot there to like.

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