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i have the following data being pulled out from a databasse that is being inserted via checkboxes.

here is the print_r($sockets):

a:6:{i:0;s:6:"UK 15A";i:1;s:5:"CEE22";i:2;s:6:"Schuko";i:3;s:6:"French";i:4;s:5:"Swiss";i:5;s:6:"Danish";}

What is the best way just to show the checkbox value i.s the ones in-between quotes???

I tried to use explode(); but im not sure if this is right.


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It looks like serialized data.

you can use unserialize() on it



    [0] => UK 15A
    [1] => CEE22
    [2] => Schuko
    [3] => French
    [4] => Swiss
    [5] => Danish

Loop through the array and access the values.

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brilliant thanks – DCHP Nov 21 '11 at 11:50

it is seralized array

you can use it like this

$sockets = unsiralize($sockets);

echo $sockets[0]; // UK 15A

echo $sockets[4]; // Swiss

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