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I manage my websites with ISPConfig 3.0.4. This is a great tool but I have problems with the FTP and database manager :

I create a lot of site every day, and it's very annoying to type username and password every time, save and share them to my partners.

How to make FTP & BDD passwords automatically generated ? There is a way to email me these ?

Probably by scripting database_edit.php and ftp_user_edit.php files ?

In short, I am looking for a way to facilitate these tasks.

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You can make you own script to create FTP & BDD users and then sending an email directly.

ISPConfig 3 delivers a remote API using SOAP Protocol.

Check out the API documentation which is in PHP : Ispconfig-API-Doc

You just have to create a remote user in the ISPconfig Panel and then connect to your server with the API. Then use functions delivered by the API for each registration you want to do.

I did a wrapper in Python using the remote API : Ispconfig remote API Wrapper

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