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What are the correct terms to differentiate "modifying queries" (update, delete, etc) and "non-modifying queries" (select, etc)?

A university project requires a list of all queries used by the system and I would like to put appropriate headings.

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Modifying queries = Data Manipulation Language.

Non-Modifying queries are mostly also considered part of the DML.
Quote from the above link:

The purely read-only SELECT query statement is classed with the 'SQL-data' statements and so is considered by the standard to be outside of DML. The SELECT ... INTO form is considered to be DML because it manipulates (i.e. modifies) data. In common practice though, this distinction is not made and SELECT is widely considered to be part of DML.

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"Modifying queries" (update, delete, insert, merge) and "non-modifying queries" (select) are all DML: Data Manipulation Language.

The for basic functions for data storage are CRUD. I don't know about a differenciation for modifying classification.

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