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Where can i find javax.media.* jar file.. In sun site it downloads an installer. Is there any available of the media jar for java?

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Is this what you are looking for? –  kovica Nov 21 '11 at 12:19

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There is no javax.media.* jar file specifically. That package is in the jmf.jar file. You will need to either run the installer and take out the jar, or the cross platform install is just a zip file (this jar doesn't use any native libraries, so it doesn't need to be installed) that has the jar in it.

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You might consider using a dependency manager to help keep your libraries organized. For example, if you have your project setup as a maven project, then you can add any library dependencies to your pom.xml file and it will handle grabbing the resources.

If you're using an IDE like Eclipse with Maven setup (M2Eclipse plugin), then you can search for javax.media and you'll have the option to select from different locations and specific classes and version numbers that will then stay consistent until you update your dependencies to a different library.

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After you download the jmf-2_1_1e-alljava JAR file, extract the files like you would do any zip folder depending on you operating system. Open your project in the editor that you use, right click and select build path, select libraries, Select Add JAR/Files, navigate to where you saved you jmf file, double click the file, select lib. There you will see what looks like a bunch of jars, Click on one of them to open it, It will appear in the large panel before your eyes, You have to do this for each and every jar, Did you hear me, Each and everyone of them, When you're done click OK, And "Bam", You should be good to go, Have fun!..

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Try this link


Probably this could be the jar you are looking for

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