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I'm having trouble with Jacksons JAXB support, it doesnt seem to marshall objects inside other objects? ok.. let me explain with code..

This is my (simplified, not getters/setters) code:

@XmlRootElement( name = "identifiableObject" )
class IdentifiableObject {
  Integer id;

  String name;

@XmlRootElement( name = "a" )
class A extends IdentifiableObject {}

@XmlRootElement( name = "b" )
class B extends IdentifiableObject {
  @XmlJavaType( IdentifiableObjectXmlAdapter.class )
  A a;

When I marshall this using JAXB i have no troubles, it works fine. But when I try to marshall it with Jackson, it seems like it only sees the annotations directly on the object, so it marshalls it to be:

{ id: 1, name: "name", a: {} }

If I add @JsonProperty to my IdentifiableObject it works fine, but I was hoping to not do that.. and if I do, it doesnt seem like @XmlJavaAdapter works anymore on the property (not so strange, since I have JacksonAnnotationIntrospector first in my introspector pair)

Anyways.. is it possible to:

(a) Have Jacksons JAXB support do deep marshalling of objects? (it works fine with the JacksonAnnotationIntrospector as mentioned)

(b) Is there something similar to XmlAdapter for Jackson that I could plug in?

UPDATE: To clarify, my expected output was:

  id: 1,
  name: "b object",
  a: {
    id: 2, 
    name: "a object"

This is the default behavior when using JAXB marshalling, but not when doing the same for JSON (through JAXB annotation introspector)

(a) My current solution here is to add @JsonProperty just about everywhere, so that the jackson annotation introspector will be used instead (since in my pair, its the primary introspector), and that works OK, but then I have so many annotations on each getter.

(b) I tried using @JsonSerialize here using a custom JsonSerializer, but even if I downcast the object here (IdentifiableObject) a; it still "sees" the old version of a, and marshalls everything on it.

-- Morten

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I am not 100% sure I know what expected output would be. Could you add JSON you expect as output? Is this about name used for properties, or about existence of a property? – StaxMan Nov 23 '11 at 1:13

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