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so i have a gigantic javascript object that i want to pass it on to PHP.

What i'm trying is: - use stringify to put it as the value of a hidden field - hit submit

In PHP, if I

echo $_POST['hidden'] 

the JSON string seems perfect, but when i use


i get NULL

If i use jQuery's


, i get exactly the desired result: i am able to use json_decode on it.

Can someone explain to me what i'm doing wrong? thanks

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Your JSON string might contain some extra slashes. Try strip_slashes before json_decode.

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Maybe you need to do urldecode?

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here is same error types

$str1 = <<<EOD

$str2 = <<<EOD

$str3 = <<<EOD

$str4 = <<<EOD

$str5 = “{‘dealList’:'\r\n’}”;

$str6 = “{‘dealList’:'\\r\\n’}”;

$str7 = ‘{“dealList”:”\r\n”}’;

$c = json_decode($str1);
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ok, that seems reasonable. but if i'm using (JSON2.js)JSON.stringify(object) on the javascript side, i post that string through a hidden form field, how can i control it so i can get the correct string? – André Alçada Padez Nov 21 '11 at 14:10

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