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I have a Merge Replication setup between a central server and 200 clients. The vast majority of the clients do not need all 5000 client records. Only the 50 or so that are assigned to them. How would I go about applying a Filter based on who's logged in?

Should I create a NEW DB that maps user names to Client Records and go down that path?

Any better ideas or pitfalls? How is everyone handle this kind of per user filtering?


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I know that MS Dynamics CRM use view on the server with a huge select to look at who has permission to see what. When someone query that view it only returns what he can see.

Maybe you could do something like that.

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To do this use either HOST_NAME() or SUSER_SNAME() to filter by either the host name or current user respectively.

Use the below when building the filter statement in the Publication Properties.

i.e. salesrep = SUSER_SNAME()

See SQL Docs for more info.

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