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I made a ComponentFeedbackPanel for my inputs where I display message for form components. I have inputs for pass change, where you type your old pass, new pass and repeat new pass:

final PasswordTextField oldPass = createOldPassField();
final PasswordTextField newPass = createNewPassField();
final PasswordTextField newPassRepeat = createNewPassRepeatField();

add( oldPass );
add( newPass );
add( newPassRepeat );

final ComponentFeedbackPanel oldPassFeedbackPanel = new ComponentFeedbackPanel(OLD_PASS_ERROR, oldPass);
    oldPassFeedbackPanel.setOutputMarkupPlaceholderTag( true );

final ComponentFeedbackPanel newPassFeedbackPanel = new ComponentFeedbackPanel(NEW_PASS_ERROR, newPass);
    newPassFeedbackPanel.setOutputMarkupPlaceholderTag( true );

final ComponentFeedbackPanel newPassRepeatFeedbackPanel = new ComponentFeedbackPanel(NEW_PASS_REPEAT_ERROR, newPassRepeat);
    newPassRepeatFeedbackPanel.setOutputMarkupPlaceholderTag( true );

add( oldPassFeedbackPanel );
add( newPassFeedbackPanel );
add( newPassRepeatFeedbackPanel );

It works great when I use build-up wicket validation methods for example: EqualPasswordInputValidation return nice message that inputs don't match next to one of the components. However when I create own class that extends AbstractValidator and implements IValidator:

 * Error msgs
private static final String ERROR_WRONG_PASS = "wrong_pass";


private class UserPassValidator extends AbstractValidator<String> implements IValidator<String>
    private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;

    protected void onValidate( IValidatable<String> arg0 )
        final String oldPass = arg0.getValue();
        if ( !user.getCryptedPassword().equals( CypherUtil.encodeMd5( oldPass ) ) )
            error( arg0, ERROR_WRONG_PASS );


I get warning that error message could not be locate:

Could not locate error message for component: PasswordTextField@profileModifyForm:mp-oldpass and error: [ValidationError message=[null], keys=[wrong_pass, EditPassForm$UserPassValidator], variables=[]]. Tried keys: mp-oldpass.wrong_pass, wrong_pass, mp-oldpass.EditPassForm$UserPassValidator, EditPassForm$UserPassValidator.

I tried to put .properties for every single page that might be connected with this form, the page structure looks like this:

  |---AjaxTabbedPanels (it basically works like from wicket example http://www.wicket-library.com/wicket-examples/ajax/tabbed-panel?1)
          |---ProfilePanel (extends Panel)
              |---editProfileWindow (a Modal Window, opened on button click)
                   |---ProfileEditPass (extends WebPage, pageCreator for modalWindow)
                       |---EditPassForm (extends Form<Void>, class for form)
                           |--oldPass (PasswordTextField)
                           |--newPass (PasswordTextField)
                           |--newPassRepeat( PasswordTextField)
                           |--oldPassFeedbackPanel (ComponentFeedbackPanel)
                           |--...and so on for the rest

Combination for .properties file I tried:

mp-oldpass.wrong_pass = "Wprowadzono błędne hasło"
UserPassValidator = "Wprowadzono błędne hasło"

And properties files I tried:

MemberTemplatePage.properties (its basically a template, extended by AjaxTabbedPanels)
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Is mp-oldpass the WicketId of the IValidatable? If not, have you tried wrong_pass or <wicket:id>.wrong_pass in properties? Putting this resource in the panel that's using the Validator should be working. –  Xavi López Nov 21 '11 at 13:21

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You can add the following to your log4j.properties file to display more verbose information about resource localization:


With that, you will see exactly which property files are tried. For validators, YourWicketAppClass.properties in the same folder/package as your YourWicketAppClass class should work.

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After some experiments, with logger help I discovered that the message is created inside the pageCreator of the modal window (in my case ProfileEditPass and the value is <wicket:id>.wrong_pass, thanks for help! –  kamil Nov 21 '11 at 15:21
where is the log4j.properties to find? I'm using log4j but I dont find it's properties' file.. –  ZelelB Sep 8 at 10:22
If you create a Wicket quickstart project, you will find the file in src/min/resources. Essentially, it needs to be in WEB-INF\classes\ in your WAR or the root of your JAR. –  bernie Sep 8 at 15:23

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