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How can I perform a POST request with Lazarus?

I found that it is possible to do using Indy for Lazarus, but the installation of Indy itself is a bit of a hassle, having to recompile and all. Is there another way?

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Of course you can use other library like Synapse. There is httpsend unit with functions like HttpPostURL(), it also supports SSL/TLS. I used this library with both Delphi and FPC.

If you do not need to use SSL/TLS, proxy or other more complicated things then it is not very complicated to create your own HTTP simple client based on socket and many HTTP tutorials.

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Thanks for the info. I ended up installing Indy, as it also has more functionality, but will try Synapse soon. –  Shade Nov 27 '11 at 19:50

Using Indy with Lazarus is very easy, if you do not need the components in the palette but create them at run time.

Just add <indy>/Lib/Core, <indy>/Lib/Protocols and <indy>/Lib/System to the search path.

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