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I have a value in an variable(MVC View). This value has to be passed to the stored procedure parameter.

The URL of Report hosted on Different box is:


This reports needs a stored procedure, The value for the stored procedure should go from the MVC View.(The Value is available in a variable)

I want to Place a hyperlink on a MVC View, so that clicking on it will take the value from the MVC and stored procedure will run.

Any ideas please, I am looking for the approach of how to pass the value from VIEW to Stored Procedure.

Thank you

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Just add an action link with the parameter in the querystring. Otherwise use a reporting services webservice like suggested here: Executing Reporting Services Web Service from ASP.NET MVC Using WCF

Answer updated

Just add an <a href='blah'> tag with the link pointing to your Reporting Services server.

To call a reporting services with a parameter use the SRSS R2 request as follow: http://differentbox/Reportserver?/MyReports/Report1&rs:Command=Render&paramname=value

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thank you david –  Hari Gillala Nov 21 '11 at 16:06

Do async call with jquery, and send the parameter to your controller based on the view.
Save the variable in hidden field and then send it.

In the view:

var dataToSend = $("#(ID of the hidden with the value)").val();
    url: '@Url.Action(actionName, controllerName)',
    type: "POST",
    data: {data : dataToSend },
   dataType: "json"



 public void actionName(object data)
     // Do what ever you want with the data.
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