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Possible Duplicate:
Java - Convert String to enum

I have a method that uses an enum:


And I want to nest this within a class that receives a String which becomes MyEnum:

public static void method(String toPass){



The passed variable has to be a String but I need to convert it to a Enum to pass to AnotherClass?


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Thanks to all just what was needed. – Eric Banderhide Nov 21 '11 at 14:43
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Use AnotherClass.MyEnum.valueOf(toPass)

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Do you mean like ...

MyEnum e = MyEnum.valueOf(text);


MyEnum e = Enum.valueOf(MyEnum.class, text);
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I think the static factory method Enum.valueOf() does what you want.

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Try doing this in the body of method:

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You can use Enum.valueOf(Class<...>, String) to convert a string to the corresponding enum instance:

MyEnum value = Enum.valueOf(MyEnum.class, "ENUM_VALUE");

If the string contains a value that does not exist as an enum constant, this method throws IllegalArgumentException.

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public static void method(String toPass){


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You can use the static method Enum.valueOf to convert a string to a Enum value:

public static void method(String toPass)
    AnotherClass.MyEnum eval = Enum.valueOf(AnotherClass.MyEnum.class,toPass);
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