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I have accidentally created a repo in a sub directory of another repo

Since doing this the sub repo now contains a number of commits

I realised my mistake when I attempted an hg st on the original (parent?) repo and it complained of a file being inside a nested repo

What I would like to do is somehow move the sub repo history up into the parent then just delete the sub repo so I have just one repo

The dir structure is like this:

my original repo:


my directories containing src code i'm trying to version control:


my accidental repo is in:


e.g. its this one I want to push?/merge? up a level into the core/ repo, then just kill the core/src/ repo (by deleting the .hg dir)

I have read a few stack overflow discussions on this but they seem to be trying to solve more complicated sub repo scenarios. I'm hoping a straightforward (dare i say it simple) solution may exist?

I have not had much luck with the HG wiki on this either

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Preserving history

Depending on the version you're using, you can use the Transplant or Graft extension to achieve your goal.

I've never done that and don't have time to test it before hand, but something like the following steps should work :

  1. Move your actual core/src/ dir somewhere else, for example ~/temp.subrepo/
  2. Remove the subrepo from the .hgsub file
  3. Use the Convert extension to rename the files in the subrepo (see below for a quick example)
  4. Transplant the changes : hg transplant -s ~/temp.subrepo.converted/ 0:tip

To convert the subrepo, you can use something like this :

$ echo include . > /tmp/myfilemap
$ echo rename . src/ >> /tmp/myfilemap
$ hg convert --filemap /tmp/myfilemap ~/temp.subrepo/ ~/temp.subrepo.converted/

Like I said, I'm not sure this will work out of the box, but it's at least a lead. If you have any problem, don't hesitate to ask.

History doesn't matter

Or maybe the simplest solution is just to remove the .hg directory in the subrepo, remove any mention of the subrepo in the .hgsub file of the main repo, and just add and commit the files :

hg add core/src
hg commit 

You will lose all the history of the subrepo, but at least the solution is really simple.

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I'm thinking maybe i will just forgo the history in this instance for an easy life. I do find DVCS complex, I'm hoping at some point it will 'click' as they say - thanks for the pointers... –  Hiett Nov 22 '11 at 9:11
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