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I am trying to generate a table to display my websites enquiries and add a column containing links(actions) for each of the enquiries.

Upon creating my table I am receiving the following error:

Message: Trying to get property of non-object (line 55)

My controller is as follows:

$this->table->set_heading('ID', 'Name', 'Surname', 'Email', 'Phone','Message','Date','Actions');

    $enquiries = $this->contact_model->get_table_enquiries($per_page,$offset);

    foreach($enquiries as $row) { 

        $links  = anchor('admin/enquiries/edit/' ,'Edit');
        $links .= anchor('admin/enquiries/delete/', 'Delete');

            $row->id, //line 55
        $viewdata['enquiries_table'] = $this->table->generate();

And the function in the model that gets the results:

  function get_table_enquiries($per_page,$offset)

        return $query;

How can I get my foreach loop to work and create the necessary rows and append the links???

Why am I receiving the error message?

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I think you need to try

 foreach ($enquiries->result() as $row)
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function get_table_enquiries($per_page,$offset)

        return $query->result(); //do this

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