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I am deserializing a textfile that holds records and am casting the records into an Product object. I add the objects to a listbox and sort by the first field, which is Price and is set as a double. I set the listbox to sort:

listBox1.Sorted = true;

But the listbox only sorts on the first digit, i.e., it places $15.00 above $3.00. What would be the best way to sort by the whole price and not just the first digit?

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The probleme is it doesn't sort numericly but alphabetically, please set listBox1.Sorted = false; Begin sorting your Product list by price with sort method then add each element to the control.

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I guess you will have to derive from ListBox in order to do so. Overriding its void Sort() method will do the trick:

public class AlphabeticalSortedListBox : ListBox {
    public AlphabeticalSortedListBox() : base() {
        Sorted = true;

    protected override void Sort() {
        // apply your sorting algorithm on this.Items here.
        // You might want to use an algorithm that does well
        // in the best case (e.g. insertion sort [O(n)] to make it easy)
        // because in the common situation we have an almost sorted list of Items
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