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Let's say I have the following model


The URI:


should return the following information about a particular course:


and: /courses

should return a list of above mentioned information.

I'm not sure about the 'return' part. If this was a JAX-WS service we would get the information about the course in question, create XML, stick that XML into a SOAP envelope and XML over HTTP to the client.

Also in a 'normal' web application, in response to:


A List<Course> would be request.addAttribute(-)'d to the JSP to render an HTML table. What is supposed to happen for a RESTful web service? Should the contents of the List be directly written to the output stream?

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In RESTful Web Services you define what will be the output. It can be a plain text, JSON, HTML, XML or whatever you would like. The RESTful endpoint is able to produce what you like (what you define in the @Produces annotation).

Basically, you get what you serve, so if you invoke a GET request on your RESTful resource which serves HTML - you'll get rendered HTML page. If it serves the XML - you'll get XML, just like in SOAP Web Services.

You can use the same semantics you used for SOAP Web Services. So if someone hits the /courses link, you could return whole list of courses (i.e. in a JSON format).

This could be useful for future references: Jersey User Guide

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Great. Thank you. – kmansoor Nov 21 '11 at 18:25

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