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I'm building an Asp.Net MVC3 application that requires support for keyboard only navigation for users with disabilities. For IE, Chrome and Firefox, I have the support working correctly.

However, an unfortunately very large subset of our users are forced to be on IE7 & IE8 by their IT policies. For these users, we would like to offer an improved user experience. Primarily, CSS3 and improved JavaScript performance. For these users we are looking at offering support for Google Chrome Frame (GCF).

Our problem has to do with accesskey attribute on HTML elements. In GCF, what appears to be happening, is that once focus has been placed on the requested HTML element, GCF then passes the key pressed value to IE. Then IE does whatever that alt + key value is suppose to do. For example, we use alt + "c" to "press" the Cancel key. What happens is that the cancel operation occurs on our web page, but then IE displays the "add to favorites" side bar window.

Is there a way to prevent this action from occurring.

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Are you using Alt+C or using Alt, then releasing alt, then pressing "c" ? There is a difference, and I'm trying to understand if it is the GCF altering the input or specific to the access key conflict. Also, access keys aren't generally targeted for application functions! That is what the system functions for those keys are for in the first place: let cut and paste be cut and paste. E.g., normally access key usage might target ALT+0 through 9, not the keys shortcut alphas for a mnemonic. –  Norman B. Robins0n Nov 21 '11 at 22:11
I'm press and hold both alt & c keys. You are correct about using system keys and that is something I've been trying to decide what to do about. Alt 0-9 are what I'm probably going to be using, but I currently have them dedicated to selecting from a list. –  photo_tom Nov 22 '11 at 15:31

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