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I've got some pieces of code I need to turn in to snippets. Anyone know a good tool of visual studio plug-in that can do something like this?

Basically I would like to be able to parameterize code like this:

private XmlData subject;

/// <summary>
/// Gets or sets the subject.
/// </summary>
/// <value>
/// The subject.
/// </value>
public XmlData Subject
        if (subject == null)
            subject = CreateXmlDataInstance(Post_DA.SUBJECT_FIELD);
        return subject;
        subject = value;

I hope one of you guys know a good tool.

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I create snippets manually, but maybe a snippet designer like this can help you: SnippetDesigner

I don't think you could do that automatically any way - you have to define which elements to parameterize at least.

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