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I am trying to set an NSNumber as a float value that has been loaded using NSUserDefaults but i'm getting an error. I can't understand why...?

Here's my code:

[settingsData.sensitivitySettingValue floatValue] = [[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults] floatForKey:@"sensitivityKey"];

It works if I use a float on its own (i.e float myFloat = [[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults] floatForKey:@"sensitivityKey"]

, but I want the value available across all view controllers so I have defined it in a model class as an NSNumber.

So, please would anyone be able to advise me on why that statement wont work?

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What is the type self.sensitivitySettingValue? – beryllium Nov 21 '11 at 16:48
crikey I used to be a noob – Adam Waite May 9 '13 at 22:57
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taking settingsData as an object of your datamodel class where sensitivitySettingValue is a variable declared as NSNumber using something as

[settingsData.sensitivitySettingValue floatValue]

actually fetches its value rather than setting a float value to it . You can either use the dot notation such as settingsData.sensitivitySettingValue = [NSNumber numberWithFloat:[[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults] floatForKey:@"sensitivityKey"]];

or something as

[settingsData setSensitivitySettingValue:[NSNumber numberWithFloat:[[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults] floatForKey:@"sensitivityKey"]]];

Hope it helps

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Thanks, I got you. Was missing some fundamental understanding there. – Adam Waite Nov 21 '11 at 17:07
Hey, you mind looking at this question? Think i'm missing something else...… – Adam Waite Nov 21 '11 at 18:11

That looks like you're trying to assign a variable to a getter method, judging by your syntax. What does floatValue do? Return a value or assign one?

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You can try

+ (NSNumber *)numberWithFloat:(float)value;

method to assign the value. Here is the Docs.

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[settingsData.sensitivitySettingValue setFloatValue:[[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults] floatForKey:@"sensitivityKey"]];

Make sure that settingsData.sensitivitySettingValue supports setFloatValue method.

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If settingsData.sensitivitySettingValue returns an NSNumber, this will throw an exception because NSNumber does not respond to -setFloatValue: Not down voting, because it is not completely clear that the returned object is an NSNumber from the question. – JeremyP Nov 21 '11 at 17:09

If you want to create NSNumber from float:

float myFloat = [[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults] floatForKey:@"sensitivityKey"];
NSNumber *number = [NSNumber numberWithFloat:myFloat];
// settingsData.sensitivitySettingValue = number; - not sure in type of properties

NSUserDefaults also responds to objectForKey method, you can save/load NSNumber without casting

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