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IISExpress User Interface

I've installed IIS 7.5 express on my local machine (Windows XP + SP3).

I am able to access IIS express from cmdline using (IISExpress /?) . I want to create a ASP.net website and configure it to run in IIS Express .I searched the GUI for IIS express but could not find anywhere

Please tell me where i can find the GUI for IISExpress

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You can probably use VBScripts to manage IIS. Check the Microsoft Technet Script Center or EggheadCafe.com.

If you google "IIS script management" you'll probably find a ton of results.

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Hi Tim, thanks for your response .Atn this time I am looking for a way to manage IIS express using the GUI templates .It is not my intention to automate IIS expresses functions using VBScripts or powershell scripts. –  Ramesh Govindan Nov 21 '11 at 18:10

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