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My project use ClickOnce for deployment. I need create 2 clickonce packages for client and server with differents .config files. Now, before publish, I twice change publish properties with changes output folder and url for client and server and with edit config. What the best way for automate my works?

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NAnt/MsBuild should become your best friends. Both have a task dedicated to build/publish VS projects. You just create 4 tasks then:

  1. update project config files
  2. build/deploy ClickOnce for the first time
  3. update project config files
  4. build/deploy ClickOnce for the second time
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I asked for a feature update to ClickOnce on MS Connect about six months ago, which would allow for such a change. In my case, I was wanting to have the ability to publish to two separate server locations, however, I specifically asked for multiple, publication profiles.

Microsoft's response wasn't what I wanted but they did provide a work-around. Effectively, you will need to create two projects, the second links to the first and you can modify the publication settings of the second project as you see fit.

See my MS Connect post for further, more detailed instructions. I'll admit, this isn't a great answer but it's probably the easiest option.

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