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I have a view which returns quite a lot of data. Right now, the view is loaded into a file like this:

SELECT * FROM view INTO OUTFILE /path/to/file.tmp;

Then it is loaded from that file to a table:

LOAD DATA INFILE /path/to/file.tmp INTO TABLE table;

And then mysqldump is used to create a dump of this table (in fact multiple tables, the first two steps are repeated more times and then mysqldump is run).

Is there a better way to do this? Ideally I would like to do this without having to save anything to a file. Is it possible just to create an sql dump of a data from view with a single statement?

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Not with mysqldump. mysqldump just exports the view definitions, not the data.

You can reduce what you've got by a step by using the INSERT ... SELECT syntax. That is, insert directly into your new table from the view. Then mysqldump that. No need for the file.tmp file. Something like


Another possibility is to write a program that you use in place of mysqldump for exporting views as if it were a table. That program could examine the view structure and export data in a format compatible with mysqldump.

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INSERT INTO table (col1, col2, col3...)
    SELECT col1, col2, col3... FROM view

Should do the trick.

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