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Is a way of creating a program (either in C(+,++,#) or that would be able to send a beep sound through the same line-in that is being used for audacity (not stereo mix)?

I am trying to make a way of syncing up audio and video from 2 different programs, in a similar way that a clapper bored works in the movies.

Would there be a way of using a sort of microphone enhancement that could be created because they affect the microphone input?

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I assume you're trying to implement something like then? I think the best way would be to write a VST/LADSPA plug-in for Audacity that inserts the beeps synced to a timecode stream (or whatever you're syncing to).

There's a neat little library called VST.NET that allows you to write VST plug-ins in standard C#/VB.NET if you like.

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yeah that sort of thing would work, my setup is using fraps to record video and stereo mix and then using audacity to record microphone, by making a beep on the microphone input and stereo mix would save ages of fiddling about trying to get it synced right – reblerebel Nov 21 '11 at 17:47

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