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I'm having a problem with GD Libraries.

When I use imagecreatefromgif or stuff like that, with an already-animated gif, I just get a single frame to be displayed. No animation so.

I've tried everything it's on the web without results. Do you know a way to just show correctly the animation of a GIF with GD Libraries? It's just frustrating when I see those images stuck without animation...

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While I personally have never come across them, the GD library is said to have some GIF support for creating animated GIF files. From the FAQ:

Yes. Support for GIF was restored in gd 2.0.28 on July 21st, 2004. Support for creating GIF animations is also available. Note that gdlib-config --features can be used to list the image formats supported by gd. Versions of gdlib-config prior to recent updates do not support the --features option, which can be understood to mean that GIF is not available.

However, as far as I know, it has no capabilities to read animated GIFs.

You will have to turn to ImageMagick if you want to process animated GIFs.

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You can't do it with GD. The way to do it is to have ImageMagick installed (on the server). Then you shell out a command to that to do what you want.

E.g., to resize an animated gif:

exec('convert ' . escapeshellarg($originalfile) . ' -coalesce -resize ' . $width . 'x' . $height . ' -layers optimize ' . escapeshellarg($newfile));

See also: [1], [2]

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May be you'd like to check SVGDreams library. It's an SVG animation library with ajax and keyboard support.

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