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We are looking for a software that will help to decide which MOM solution should be used in a given case, taking into account throughput and latency figures it measures.

Not to reinvent the wheel we'd like to investigate what solutions already exist on the market.

For example, there are:

  1. JMeter with its Point-to-Point Test Plan and Topic Test Plan
  2. QPID performance and latency test utils
  3. ActiveMQ JMeter performance test
  4. HornetQ performance test
  5. RabbitMQ performance test
  6. etc.

It seems there are no tools to test performance and latency of these MOMs somehow in a general way.

So could you please recommend tools which worth looking at or some ideas how to implement such a tool in a cross-platform, cross-language way.

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+1 for tools reference –  Denis Kniazhev Nov 21 '11 at 17:41

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While someone may know a tool to test them all I'd recommend that you build a testing scenario that resembles your intended use (message sized, integration patterns (e.g. do you need CBR and if so what), required latencies, message rates, target environment etc.) Synthetic benchmarks can be misleading and will most likely not represent your usage scenario

As a side note I'd say that AMQP has the advantage that it also defines the wire protocol so if you choose one you can change the backend without affecting the client

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I understand it, but if you have to choose some messaging system for the first time, synthetic benchmarks can be rather useful too. –  mijer Nov 28 '11 at 11:56

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