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I'm trying to add a radio button to a pdf page I'm rendering through abcpdf. I'm looking at the documentation for abcpdf and it specifies that I use the following code

Doc theDoc = new Doc();
InteractiveForm form = new InteractiveForm (theDoc);
form.AddRadioButtonGroup(new string[2]{"40 610 80 650", "40 660 80 700"}, "RadioGroupField", 0);

The problem is that I don't know what assembly InteractiveForm is referencing so the compiler will error on that line. If I simply add a radiobutton to the html page I'm rendering, it will appear in the pdf but will not be able to be interacted with. Does anyone know what I can use to get InteractiveForm to work, or some other workaround? Thanks in advance.

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The documentation I'm referencing can be found at… – Ben Nov 21 '11 at 17:54
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When you download and install the full .Net package one of the example projects is called Annotations. Within this project is a file called Annotations.cs that has the classes that you're looking for.

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