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When I run my air application (compiled via flexmojos), it seems "empty"--there is no window at all. It works perfectly when compiled from Flash Builder.


I am compiling an Adobe Air Application using Maven's flexmojos plugin on Mac OS X: Lion. It successfully produces a SWF file and an AIR file.

  • When I double-click the SWF file, it opens just fine
    (and crashes with an error you'd expect--since it's not running in the AIR environment)

  • When I double-click the AIR file, no window opens!
    (I see my application name in the Mac menu bar but no application window and no errors)

When I look under /Applications/
I see the following files:

META-INF            MyAppMainAir.swf
MyAppMainAir.css    mimetype

The swf file has the proper size and opens, as expected.

POM snippet



Why is my SWF file being created properly but my AIR application won't open a window? When I build/run the application from Flash Builder, it works perfectly.

Any input/advice is appreciated!

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Have you tried posting this question to the very active Flexmojos discussion group (!forum/flex-mojos)? You may get better traction there. – Sri Sankaran Nov 21 '11 at 20:16
I just gave it a shot. Hopefully someone knows what's going on here because I'm completely stumped! – gmale Nov 21 '11 at 21:29
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After investigating this in the FlexMojos Google group, it turns out, I needed to set the following option:


For some reason, this was defaulting to 10, which caused the problem. Add this line, everything works perfectly!

Alternate Fix

Alternatively, I was also able to fix the problem by loading the air-config.xml file:


This file can also be found in the repository:


where flex.sdk.version= , for example.

Other Invisible Window Issue

Also for the intial window to appear, you may need to adjust the descriptor values, setting visible=true:


The error I was having, combined with this set to false caused the window not appear, at all, which was confusing. After setting visible=true, the window would at least show up but all spark contents were missing. Once the error was fixed, I could set visible back to false.

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To be complete, there's yet another "won't load" issue related to a corrupted mm.cfg file.… – Kricket Jun 22 '12 at 14:46

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